Eron Lloyd

Greetings! My name is Eron Lloyd, and I am graduate student at Lewis University, completing my Master of Science in Data Science. My research interests are in public choice theory, electoral systems, and voting technology. Before I began my graduate studies, I served in the trenches of government as a Chief Data Officer and policy analyst, where I experienced the good, bad, and ugly sides of public service. Through my research work, I plan to concentrate on better understanding the breakdown of our democratic institutions and help to create solutions to repair them.

I love to collaborate, so if this interests you, please contact me using any of the channels listed below:



I manage my projects on GitHub, and have listed them here as a portfolio of past and present work.

Current Projects

Voting in America

Technologies: Python Jupyter Pandas Django PostgreSQL

Voting in America is a personal research project of mine focused on identifying and understanding voter participation patterns in the United States through detailed data analysis and visualization. Learn more here.

Udacity Data Analyst Nanodegree

Technologies: Python Pandas NumPy

In addition to my graduate work at Lewis, I'm also enrolled in the Udacity Data Analyst Nanodegree, where I'm continually training to update and remain current in my analytical skills. As I complete my projects, I'll post links to them here.

  1. Project 0: Analyze Chopstick Length (Completed 12/30/2015)

Previous Projects

Open Voting Consortium

Technologies: Linux Python PyQt

I served as part of the Open Voting Consortium development team, where we created the EVM2003, a prototype system that incorporated the concepts of OVC's electronic voting machine specification. I was specifically in charge of the ballot reconciliation program, which verified the authenticity of the paper and digital ballots. Learn more here.